The hardest decisions are often the smallest. But only you can make them.

The publisher is now working day and night, sending you checklists and emails. Making sure your sanity is kept in check as the release deadline creeps ever closer. It’s exciting, it’s exhilarating but it’s also scary. So very very scary. You’ve poured hours and hours into your work. Drunk litres and litres of coffee, and eaten more comfort food than the last time your friend went through a break-up. The fact that other people will have complete access (for a small fee of course) to your work is terrifying. But stay strong.

I remember telling my partner that I had a release date. I was absolutely consumed by the excitement and before I could reel it in everyone knew about it. All of my fears were drowned with questions from those that knew. Over time, the questions ceased and my nerves returned. This is a natural part of getting yourself out there and while all of the excitement is making waves your publisher is going to bring you back to solid ground.

If you found yourself a good publisher, then they will be able to read you and your nerves quite well. With my publisher, they seemed to anticipate every question I had and threw back questions to me. it was a fantastic interaction that kept both of us busy and pushing toward the release date. I truly couldn’t have done it without their support.

As the date encroaches you’ve gotta start making some decisions. Will you have a dedication? Do you want a ‘message from the author? What size should the book be? These are all questions you’ve probably overlooked until now. That’s absolutely OK! It’s best to discuss it in depth with the publisher anyway. After all, they’re the one doing the printing.

Just a quick tip, think about the questions above and as you do take a calming breath. You’re almost there. While you’re waiting, check out my Instagram, I’ve been travelling through Japan lately and have some cool pics. I also have a Facebook page and Twitter account.