Eat your way through the world, just remember to go for a run every now and then.

Come on, you knew it was coming. Everyone harps on about how important excercise and diet are, so I thought I would share my own thoughts on it. Firstly, I am not a nutritionist. I was a chef for a while, but really the only take away from such a career is that I love butter on everything.

When it comes to food at home, and with me being a super geek/nerd, I will eat anything. I’ve never tried a diet and have no plans to start now. But I do stick to a general rule of thumb by trying to include vegetables in almost every lunch/dinner. The key word is try.

If my partner is reading this, she’s probably rolling her eyes. More often then not I opt for food that is as unhealthy as I can get and there’s a very simple reason for that. I enjoy it. I love comfort food above all other foods and a lot of the time my comfort foods are things that don’t have a large amount of vegetables.

As I mentioned before, I am no nutritionist, but I know how important food is for a healthy body. I also know how different people can be and that our bodies can accept varying amounts of nutrition before sending out some serious signs of needing to be looked after. So my only advice here would be to know what those signs are, and don’t ignore them. A bit of winter weight isn’t such a bad thing.

Moving on to exercise. I’ll probably cop a bit of criticism here from a few of my friends (they are comparatively fitter than I am). But basically, I like to keep it quite simple with exercise.

1. I play a seasonal sport and have done for 10 years.

2. When in off season or if unable to play, I will try and find my 30 minutes a day.

3. I strongly believe that I don’t need to be able to squat 200kg to be considered fit.

I can’t stress enough how powerful 30 minutes of exercise is every day. It’s quite obvious to me when I’ve missed it, and after completing it I feel remarkably more awake and switched on. It is also a huge factor when keeping things like depression at bay.

With all of that said, I want to highlight that 30 minutes of exercise can vary dramatically in terms of intensity. Walk to the shop, go for a jog, lift extreme weights at the gym, do a group class or some push ups and sit ups in the comfort of your living room. Just do it for 30 minutes. I hate exercising but, for 30 minutes a day, I’ll suck it up.

If you have read these posts the last few weeks then thank you. If you’ve taken anything away from them that has positively affected your life, then share it with others. If you have any tips, ideas or lessons to be learnt about finding your own happiness then feel free to share it. Sometimes people need someone else to point out the obvious before they can do it themselves.

Thanks for reading! If you missed part 4 it’s located here – Boundaries make friends