All the feels.

I was going to finish it with last weeks post, but in the time writing all of this I have learnt so much from so many. I’ve had dozens of messages from people telling me their ‘tricks to happiness’. I can’t express how happy it makes me knowing that there are people out there who have found some form of support in my words. But let me just say one quick thing. They aren’t tricks. Not to you. They are tools of the trade that is being happy and better yet, they work for you.

As I mentioned in the beginning of all this, it is the start of my journey. Its only been a few short weeks, but I feel that I have grown and matured a lot since I started. I know I’m not the best at this blogging thing. I find it very hard to open up to those closest to me, imagine my dismay when I put it all on the internet. I’m not sure what its like in other countries, but in Australia, particularly when I was growing up, it was not very common for a boy/man to express themselves. You had to be tough, stoic, resilient. My parents didn’t impose this, per se, but they also didn’t have time for whiney kids or problems they couldn’t understand.

Now that I’m older, hindsight has shown me why. They were creatures of a time I never experienced. Society, culture, community, these were all different to how they are now. That world directly impacted the values that my parents held. Those values felt wrong to me.

Now I know it’s hard to imagine, but my parents weren’t bad parents, just oblivious to the world. They might have been considered good parents in that time. There were still some things that I took away with me when I left home. Pride in everything I do, a hard working mindset, honesty above all else. I have certainly failed at these at some point over my life, but because my parents provided such a stark example of what I didn’t want to be, I have grown into who I am now.

Geez, reading that back to myself, it sounds like I’m tooting my own horn. But the point is (finally!) break the damn mould. Find the things that make you happy, find passion and generosity and build values from these things. Understand the world, not just your street or your town. Set your goals and tie them back to your values. Find happiness and success in who you are, then share it with others.

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