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No kids, no worries

I have 3 siblings. Two brothers and a sister. My fiancé, Bella, also has 3 siblings, all girls. We have spoken at length about what having children means. More importantly, we talked about why we want/don’t want children.

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Fiction Friday – 6th December 19

‘I have killed for money. I have worked for merchants and aristocrats. I have killed for gold and killed for free. I have carried the banners of tyrants and madmen all my life. But no more. Today, I am a free man. I fight for myself. I fight for those behind me.’

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Break the mould

I’ve had dozens of messages from people telling me their ‘tricks to happiness’. I can’t express how happy it makes me knowing that there are people out there who have found some form of support in my words. But let me just say one quick thing. They aren’t tricks. Not to you. They are tools of the trade that is being happy and better yet, they work for you.

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Delicious food

Come on, you knew it was coming. Everyone harps on about how important excercise and diet are, so I thought I would share my own thoughts on it. Firstly, I am not a nutritionist. I was a chef for a while, but really the only take away from such a career is that I love butter on everything.

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Fiction Friday 22 Nov 19

Jino had tried to do it the right way. Take the bounty in alive. They never wanted to come in alive. Always putting on a brave face, threatening Jino with violence. As if such things were going to scare him. He had seen them before, had dealt his own hand. So it got messy, and as usual, Jino came out alive.

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Boundaries make friends

I, personally, have a tendency to stone wall people. It’s a default setting for me and something I am trying my best to change. Those that know me, are aware of this and know that if they endure the wall it comes down. But they shouldn’t have to do that.

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Overthinking success

From your personal relationships to the progress within your working life, all of these have varying levels of success. The key here is to work out what they are. At what point do you, personally, put a finger on it and say ‘yeah, this is success’.

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Fiction Friday – 8 Nov 19

Jim turned toward a small house covered in soft snow and approached the door. There he rang the bell that hung on the porch.

‘You hoping someone’s home?’ Shivon joked.

Jim looked back and returned her smile, ‘you never know.’

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Happiness is helping

I have wanted to write about my happiness for some time. Until now I was shy and apprehensive. But then I realised that there will be people out here on the internet who might just be looking for someone to help them along.

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