It’s all well and good pushing your limits. But just remember that sometimes, if you push too hard, you’re just gonna shit yourself. – me

A friend of mine writes a blog called ‘tap early, tap often’. It’s a blog about Brazilian Jui Jitsu, something I have little interest in. But I often think about his title and realize that the title symbolizes an understanding of one’s limits. Reading his blog is both insightful and entertaining. Often talking about knowing your limits and pushing them and I find comfort knowing that other people also take breaks from the things they love and the dreams they are striving to achieve.

The same applies to writing. Tap early, tap often. Know when you’re pushing too hard and ease off. Like a beaten horse, there’s only so far you can carry your ideas before you burn out. Reaching that burn out point is often too late to realize the damage that’s been caused. Inspiration and motivation, I imagine, are like rechargeable batteries. They’re gonna run out of juice and eventually you’ll either need to recharge or, worst case scenario, find some new ones. You’ll be surprised, at first, just how easy it is to burn out.

The first time it happens will hit you incredibly hard and recharging can often take longer than your initial burst of motivation. But that’s how it is. My suggestions are to rest often. Don’t be afraid to take a creative break, or even work on something completely different to your work. I like to read when I burn out. I find some book that’s a different genre to what I write to give me time to recharge, then I hit the ground running. Rinse and repeat. Remember, take care of number 1. You. Without creative motivation you’ll write a story you don’t like and no one wants that. Besides, you’re an indie author, there’s no rush to publish. You do you.