Interstellar space cop falls in love with his ships AI and discovers that the AI was created in the image of a dying woman, romance ensues.
‘That sounds cool,’ I’d say to myself, ‘but it needs more explosions.’


All right, so you’ve done it. You landed yourself a sweet word processor that fits your needs, you’ve managed to put together an idea that gets you excited, and you’ve hopefully got some ideas for a character or two. Good job! In some ways, the hardest part is done. You’ve started the journey to writing wonder and telling a story. Now let’s talk about the commitment you’re going to make.

Now if you’re anything like me, then that sentence made you second guess your decision. But I ask you only to hold fast. This commitment isn’t the one you made to see your partners family for Easter or make it to a friend of a friend of a friend’s birthday party on a Tuesday night in the middle of winter. No, this commitment is being made to your dream. I’m talking about a time commitment. The time to have no distractions and write, the time to put your thoughts down and build a world and narrative from scratch. I’m talking about the time required to research and investigate different armour types or some whacky and wild theory on quantum physics. That’s right. You’re more than likely going to have an idea about something that you know nearly nothing about, and you will have to learn the words associated with that idea to help you put it together.

But research is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you start you’re going to be consumed by your idea and no one will understand anything you say. People will also start questioning your ability to spit random facts during a conversation. You’re going to get smart. But not useful smart, just your world smart and no one will understand. This world you’re creating is going to consume you. You’ll wake up and think about when will you get a chance to write today. You’ll then realise that life doesn’t stop and be quiet so you can type up some lines. Then before you know it, its bedtime and all of these amazing ideas or thoughts will come flashing through your mind. There’s only one bit of advice I can give you – deal with it.

Deal with it in any way you can. Talk about it to someone. Anyone. Seriously. Because whats floating around in your head might not work on paper. The more people you talk to about it the better it will become. Before you know it, you’ll be ten thousand words in and feeling good.

One more thing, before I go do some research on blacksmithing armour. Make a daily word count target, then lower it. That probably sounds odd, but there’s a good reason. If you’re just starting out, then you won’t really have a gauge on how many words you can consistently write every day. So come up with what you think is a good place to aim, then half it. You’re gonna work out that with work and all the other little life things that there isn’t much time for you to write. So don’t get bummed out about the word count, just aim to make it up a little when you get the chance. There’s no pressure except that which you apply.

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